Soft-Touch Express

Coming to an OTTO Car Wash near you?

Our Soft-Touch Express tunnels use the latest technology to clean your car safely with environmentally friendly chemicals and Zero Spot Rinse.

At the following locations:
8609 E 63rd St
Kansas City, MO 64133

5821 SW 21st St
Topeka, KS 66604

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Touch-Free Express

At all our locations you can choose Touch-Free washing. Our high-pressure automatic system uses hot soft water with quality environmentally friendly detergents to clean your car and finish with a Zero Spot Rinse.

We have 24/7 access, making all 6 of our locations prime destinations for all of your car wash needs! Stop in today for a sparkling shine.

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Washing Cars Since 1972

In 1972 Rogers Car Wash opened for business. Growing to two locations in the 1970’s. When 1980 rolled around the name was changed to tell customers who we are, Spot-not Car Wash. Very few car washes rinsed with “no-spot” water and we had a story to tell. Time marches on and in 2012 we began a new chapter in our family story, OTTO Car Wash. We still use mineral free water to rinse your vehicle but use the name Zero Spot Rinse. With new OTTO name, we have been reinventing ourselves. Two of our locations offer Soft-Touch Express Wash and all locations offer High-Pressure Touch-Free Automatics.
We welcomed Castle Car Wash to the family in 2009. We have enjoyed meeting our new customers ever since!
No matter how you wash, Soft-Touch, Touch-Free, or Self-Service Bays we got you covered.
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Rogers Car Wash
1972 - 1979

Vintage car wash

Spot-not Car Wash
1980 - 2011

Vintage car wash

OTTO Car Wash
Since 2012

Car wash

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